An innovative new way to build your cyber defense

RiskAura helps companies financially quantify the impacts of cyberattacks, in order to better consolidate and prioritize investments and, above all, facilitate decision-making

A platform and services to support you in managing cyber risks


Move from compliance to resilience

Risk quantification

Strengthen your cyber maturity

Cyber ​-Exposure

Get ahead of the criminals

We simplify cyber risk management

Protecting yourself against Cyberthreats doesn’t have to be complex or expensive. If this is the case, it is because you do not have the visibility necessary to assess your level of maturity and your exposure to threats

We can help

Small & Medium Business

Eliminate uncertainties related to cyber threats

Defense & Public Safety

Protect to serve

Banque , Finance & Assurance

Building Compliance and Trust

Administration & Municipality

Building resilience through cybersecurity

ilir offers a local, personalized service by providing strategic and technological consulting services in the areas of cybersecurity and compliance. Ilir brings you the best answer

that really meets your needs

that helps you achieve your goals

who respects your reality

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